Segera Terbit!!! Laskar Pelangi Edisi Arab, Edisi Perancis, dan Edisi Bulgaria, 

International Best Seller – Dimulai oleh penerbit Butik Yayinlari, Turki, Tanggal 1 Februari 2013, penerbit-penerbit negara lainnya menyatakan Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops) karya penulis Indonesia Andrea Hirata sebagai karya sastra International best seller. Laskar Pelangi adalah buku pertama Indonesia yang mencapai status International best seller (The Observer-blog)


“A wonderful tale about what a pack of schoolkids, two caring teachers and a powerful sense of hope can achieve. I loved it.”  -Vikas Swarup, The Author of International Bestseller-Slumdog Millionaire

Dapatkan The Rainbow Troops di: 

The Rainbow Troops cover-American and Canadian versionThe Rainbow Troops American edition-Penerbit Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York.Tanggal terabit: 5 Februari 2013
The Rainbow Troops cover-American and Canadian versionThe Rainbow Troops Canadian Edition-Penerbit Harper Collins.Tanggal Terbit: 5 Februari 2013
 The RainbowTroops  cover -Australian and New Zealand VersionThe Rainbow Troops Australian and New Zealand Edition-Penerbit Random House.Tanggal Terbit: 2 Januari  the rainbow troops-Spanish versionThe Rainbow Troops Spanish Edition-Penerbit Edicione Planeta, Madrid.Tanggal Terbit: 19 Februari 2013
 coverbelanda-editThe Rainbow Troops Holland Edition-Penerbit Atlas-Contact.Tanggal Terbit:  November 2012
Hirata_24146_MR.inddThe Rainbow Troops German Edition- Penerbit Hanser-Berlin. Tanggal Terbit: 28 Januari 2013
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Rainbow Troops Portuguese Edition- Penerbit Editora Presenca. Tanggal Terbit: 21 Maret 2013
 The Rainbow Troops Hungarian EditionThe Rainbow Troops Hungarian Edition-Penerbit Geopen. Tanggal Terbit: 17 Maret 2013
rizzoli's versionThe Rainbow Troops Italian Edition- Penerbit Rizzoli. Tanggal terbit:  September 2013
 cover The Rainbow troops BrazilThe Rainbow Troops Brazilian Edition- Penerbit Editora Sextante.Tanggal Terbit:  4 Juni 2012
 cover turki-edit3The Rainbow Troops Turkish Edition-Penerbit Butik Yayincilik. Tanggal Terbit: 20 Januari 2013
Cover Novel The Rainbow Troops Penguin editionThe Rainbow Troops Penerbit Penguin in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh,and Nepal.Tanggal Terbit: 1 Maret 2013
the rainbow troopsThe Rainbow Troops Chinese Edition-Penerbit Phoenix Co. Tanggal Terbit: 7 Agustus 2012
The Rainbow Troops edisi TaiwanThe Rainbow Troops Taiwanese Edition-Penerbit Solo Press. Tanggal Terbit: 26 September 2011
 Cover versi Vietnam copy-jpg.jpg-editThe Rainbow Troops Vietnamese Edition-Penerbit Nha Nam. Tanggal Terbit: 20 November 2012
cover JepangThe Rainbow Troops Japanese Edition-Penerbit Sunmark.Tanggal Terbit: November 2013
cover not yet published - PDFThe Rainbow Troops French Edition-Penerbit Mercure de France. Tanggal Terbit: Januari 2014 cover not yet published - PDFThe Rainbow Troops Arabic Edition- Penerbit Dar Al Muna.Tanggal Terbit: Januari 2014
cover not yet published - PDFThe Rainbow Troops Bulgarian Edition-Penerbit  Hermes Publishing.Tanggal Terbit: Januari 2014

Negara-negara dan penerbit Laskar Pelangi edisi internasional

America-north and south
United States (Publisher: Farrar Straus and Giroux, New York), Canada (Publisher: Harper Collins), Brazil (Publisher: Editora Sextante)

French (Publisher: Mercure de France), Germany (Publisher: Hanser-Berlin), Holland (Publisher: Atlas-Contact)Spain (Publisher: Ediciones Planeta, Madrid), Italy (Publisher: Rizzoli), Turkey (Publisher: Butik Yayincilik), Portuguese (Publisher: Presenca), Hungary (Publisher: Geopen), Bulgaria (Publisher: Hermes)

Australia-New Zealand-Pacific Countries
Australia (Publisher: Random House, Australia), New Zealand (Publisher: Random House, Australia)

India (Publisher: Penguin, India), (Publisher: Penguin, India), Pakistan (Publisher: Penguin, India), Bangladesh (Publisher: Penguin, India), Sri Lanka (Publisher: Penguin, India), Nepal (Publisher: Penguin, India), Japan (Publisher: Sunmark), Korea (Publisher: Theory and Praxis), Malaysia  (Publisher: PTS Malaysia), Singapore (Publisher: PTS Malaysia), China (Publisher: Yilin Press), Taiwan (Publisher: Solo Press), Vietnam (Publisher: Nha Nam Pub), Indonesia (Publisher: Bentang Pustaka) 


Saudi Arabia (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Egypt (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Algeria (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Bahrain (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Chad (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Djibouti (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Eritrea (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Iraq (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Israel (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Jordan (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Kuwait (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Lebanon (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Libya (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Mauritania (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Morocco (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Qatar (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Oman (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Soman (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Syria (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Tunisia (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Yemen (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), United Arab Emirates (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Palestine (Publisher: Dar Al Muna), Somaliland (Publisher: Dar Al Muna)

Komentar tentang Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops)

“A wonderful tale about what a pack of schoolkids, two caring teachers and a powerful sense of hope can achieve. I loved it.” -Vikas Swarup, The Author of International Bestseller-Slumdog Millionaire – 

“Andrea Hirata’s closely autobiographical debut novel, sold over a record-breaking five million copies in Indonesia. Now it promises to captivate audiences across the globe. This is classic storytelling in the spirit of Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner: an engrossing depiction of a milieu we have never encountered before, bursting with charm and verve Farrar,  Straus and Giroux, New York

“This fine story about strength and resilience against the odds, and the power of hope… seems only a matter of time before a director brings this story to cinemas in the West.”The Economist, February 2013

“Hirata’s writing is as brilliant, beautiful, remarkable, and engrossing as the characters and the world he brings us. If you’ve ever been afraid to dream, or disbelieved in the true power of learning, read The Rainbow Troops and you’ll be changed by the two guardians and their small number of students, whose intelligence and vibrancy will intoxicate you. This is a treasure from one of the largest Muslim societies in the world.” —Ishmael Beah, The Author of International Bestseller, A Long Way Gone.

The Rainbow Troops is a charming, funny, moving story about growing up and going to school on the island of Belitong in Indonesia. The Rainbow Troops are students in a poor, beleaguered village school, run by a pair of courageous and generous teachers who protect and champion their tiny class. I loved reading these stories about brave, smart, resourceful kids, set in a magical landscape that includes clouds, crocodiles, and shamans, as well as tin mining, politics, and regional school competitions.” —Roxana Robinson, The Author of New York Times Bestseller, Cost

“The Rainbow Troops is a powerful work of the imagination,which explores love, friendship, and the importance of education with uncommon wisdom and wit…a book of treasure!” -Christopher Merril, Director of International Writing Program, University of Iowa, USA

“A  masterful story teller”– Sarah Crichton,  New York

“Once you start reading The Rainbow Troops, you can’t stop!”-Kate Veitch, author of “Listen”

Laskar Pelangi is a love letter to a teacher and to the value of education. Reading this wonderful book is like sitting with Andrea Hirata in atraditional coffee shop on his remote island home of Belitong, Indonesia. In the tropical warmth we listen to his vivid recollections of the people he loved and the times that made him. Any kids who are taking their educational opportunities for granted should read this book. It has the power to change lives” – Cynthia Webb, columnist, Australia  (The Jakarta Post)

“I can think of no other book that has captured the hearts of so many Indonesians. The Rainbow Troops  is a heart-moving tale of family, friendship, community and the inspiration to be found in those who care”– Janet de Neefe, Founder of Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

“Regarded as Indonesia’s greatest living writer” –Byron News, Australia

“From Indonesia, an inspiring, record-breaking bestseller-and a modern fairy tale”–

“Incredibly moving and full of hope, Rainbow Troops swept Indonesia off its feet, selling over five million copies and becoming the highest-selling book in its history. It will sweep you away too”– Penguin

.“Inspiring and closely autobiographical tale… Ikal and his band of plucky cohorts face obstacles large and small, and the reader can’t help but root for them to get the education-and life-they deserve. The setting is as compelling and memorable as the characters, and a rare window into a world we know little about” -Harper Collins

“A rising star on Indonesian literary map” – The Jakarta Post

“Herkesin anlatacak bir oykusu vardiir. Andrea kendi oykusunu son derece basit, sade ve insanin icine isleyen bir dille anlatmis. Kitaptaki karakterler olasilikla bir sekilde hepimizin yasaminda yer almis kisiler. Umarim oykulerini anlatacak onun gibi baskalari da cikar.
(Everybody has a story to tell. Andrea has told his in a simple, plain and poignant style. The characters in the book are the same as those who have possibly touched our own lives. I just hope others follow in his wake to tell their own stories).” – Murat Kayi, Turkish literary figure

“There’s no Indonesian book has ever been translated into more languages, 19 languages, and published in more countries than The Rainbow Troops. It’s also the first Indonesia’s International bestseller. Andrea Hirata writes new record in Indonesian history” – Jennifer La Plagia

Ulasan lainnya 

Andrea Hirata nomination for Buchawards 2013: andrea hirata with oliver preusche writers festival
Bestselling Author, Accidental Writer – The West Australian Newspaper:

Rilis terbaru-Februari 2013

Novel Laskar Pelangi Menembus 78 Negara dan Penerbit Para Pemenang Nobel Sastra di Amerika Serikat

Tanggal 12 Maret 2012 Andrea Hirata menandatangani perjanjian penerbitan The Rainbow Troops (edisi international novel Laskar Pelangi) dengan Kathleen Anderson Literary Management, New York dan Penerbit Farrar, Straus and Giroux (FSG), New York.

FSG adalah penerbit terbaik di Amerika yang telah berdiri sejak tahun 1946 dan melahirkan karya-karya 23 pemenang nobel sastra antara lain adalah TS. Eliot, Pablo Neruda, Nadine Gordimer, Seamus Heaney, dan Mario Vargas Llosa yang mendapat nobel sastra tahun 2010.

Sarah Crichton (editor novel internasional best seller A Long Way Gone karya Ishmael Beah) yang juga akan menjadi editor The Rainbow Troops mengatakan:

I am absolutely thrilled that we will get to publish your uplifting, heartbreaking, captivating—in short, truly wonderful—novel.  When I read it, it made me laugh out loud, and cheer, and weep… I loved all the children, and I loved their teachers…. You are a masterful storyteller, and I am very proud to be able to publish you”.

The Rainbow Troops akan beredar di 580 toko buku di Amerika Serikat dan Kanada serta negara berbahasa Inggris lainnya pada Februari 2013. Edisi pertama  The Rainbow Troops edisi Amerika ini sudah bisa dipesan di Peristiwa ini adalah untuk pertama kali karya penulis Indonesia diterbitkan oleh penerbit kelas dunia seperti FSG.

Menyusul kontrak dengan FSG, The Rainbow Troops juga akan diterbitkan oleh penerbit kelas dunia lainnya yaitu Random House, Harper Collins, penerbit-penerbit terbaik di Eropa seperti Mercure de France (Prancis), Hanser-Berlin (Jerman) dan penerbit legendaris internasional yaitu Penguin. Sampai saat ini Andrea Hirata telah menandatangani penerbitan novel Laskar Pelangi edisi internasional dengan 78 negara dalam 19 bahasa asing.

Random House akan menerbitkan The Rainbow Troops di Australia dan New Zealand. Penerbit terkemuka di Italia, Rizzoli, yang menerbitkan novel Eat, Pray and Love dan Three Cups of Tea, juga akan menerbitkan The Rainbow Troops. Majalah sastra Italia, IL CORRIERE DELLA SERA membuat publisitas besar-besaran tentang The Rainbow Troops dengan komentarnya: “Along the lines of “The X million copy bestseller which you haven’t heard about…yet!” or “You think the Italian public school system has gone down the drain: wait until you read about THIS school.”

The Rainbow Troops juga diterbitkan oleh Atlas-Contact (Belanda), yang menerbitkan buku Haruki Murakami, Temas de Hoy (Spanyol), Sunmark (Jepang), Yi Lin Press (China), Butik Yayinlari (Turki), dan Editora Sextante (Brazil). Edisi Brazil dalam bahasa Portugis telah terbit dengan judul Guerreiros da Esperanca dan mendapat review yang sangat positif dari Koran terbesar Brazil O GLOBO yang menyebut The Rainbow Troops sebagai karya sastra Indonesia yang sangat mengejutkan.  Di Brazil The Rainbow Troops ini diterbitkan bersama karya Nicholas Sparks (Penulis novel The Notebook dan A Walk To Remember) dan Harlan Coben (Pemenang Edgar Allan Poe Award tahun 1995).

Karya Andrea Hirata Selain Laskar Pelangi

Cerita pendek karya Andrea Hirata yang berjudul Dry Season dimuat di majalah Sastra Amerika: Washington Square Review Magazine edisi winter/spring 2011, New York University.

cover-washington square review -edit

Sesudah menulis novel Laskar Pelangi (2005), Andrea Hirata menulis novel Sang Pemimpi (2006), Edensor (2007), Maryamah Karpov (2008), Padang Bulan (2009), Cinta di Dalam Gelas (2009), Sebelas Patriot (2010), dan Laskar Pelangi Song Book (Juni 2012).
Seluruh karya-karya tersebut telah mencapai bestseller. Laskar Pelangi, Sang Pemimpi, Edensor, dan Maryamah Karpov merupakan bagian dari tetralogi Laskar Pelangi. Sedangkan Padang Bulan dan Cinta di dalam Gelas merupakan bagian dari Dwilogi Padang Bulan.


 Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

Aris Deva LAnskap-file kecilSebagai bagian dari komitmennya pada pendidikan, Andrea Hirata telah membangun museum sastra pertama di Indonesia, di kampung halamannya desa Gantong, Pulau Belitong. Museum ini juga didesain sebagai sebuah pusat belajar (learning center) untuk memberikan workshop atau berbagai pendidikan gratis terutama untuk para pelajar tidak mampu. Museum ini diberi nama Museum Kata Andrea Hirata. Kunjungi

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