International best seller – The Rainbow Troops

“This fine story about strength and resilience against the odds, and the power of hope… seems only a matter of time before a director brings this story to cinemas in the West.” The Economist

The heartwarming international bestseller

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CONGRATULATIONS Andrea Hirata for Honorary Doctor of Letters from University of Warwick, UK, July 2015

Andrea Hirata - Univ Warwick1


My dearest novel readers, It’s truly an honor for me to imagine that my first novel The Rainbow Troops is in your hands. Along the reading journey, I hope you enjoy the story from my home village, on the very small island of Belitong, in the middle of nowhere, so small in fact, that most of the time it doesn’t even appear on the map. My story is the story of forgotten people and the voice of the voiceless. Anyway, you might be interested in the beauty of childhood, in the neglected 15 years old teacher and her last ten students fighting for education, dignity and invincible enemies, in their purest and innocent dreams and in the bittersweet first love. Yours sincerely Andrea Hirata