International bestseller – The Rainbow Troops



Winner New York Book Festival 2013, General fiction. Winner Buchawards, 2013, Germany,  Die RegenbogenTruppe.

“The first Indonesian novel to find its way into the international general fiction market.” The Sydney Morning Herald 

“This fine story about strength and resilience against the odds, and the power of hope…seems only a matter of time before a director brings this story to cinemas in the West.”  The Economist

“Bursting with charm and verve.” Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York

“Magical realism.” Der Speigel

“Endearing and inspirational.” The Guardian

“Inspiring, compelling, a rare window into a world we know little about.” Harper Collins

“From Indonesia, an inspiring, record-breaking bestseller-and a modern fairy tale.” 

“Hirata’s writing is as brilliant, beautiful, remarkable, and engrossing as the characters and the world he brings us.” Ishmael Beah 

“…acharming, funny, moving story.” RoxanaRobinson

“I loved it.” Vikas Swarup 

“Plain andpoignant.” Murat Kayi

“…a book of treasure!” ChristopherMerril, IWP Director

“I adored The Rainbow Troops.” Charles R. Larson, Emeritus Professor of Literature at American University 

“I appreciate it.” Thomas Kineally

“…abook changes an island andmore. What a story!” Peter Kunz, Director of ZDF TV Germany

“Onceyou start reading…youjust won’t be able to stop.”  KateVeitch